horticultural services 

I am the former owner of an independent, specialty nursery.  After twelve years in the business, tending plants seven days a week, it was time to hang up the pruning shears. 

I've learned there is no such thing as retirement, indeed, with a tip of the hat to General MacArthur, we'll just say "old nurserymen never die, they just turn brown on the tips".  
Though my business plans for the future are still taking shape, for now I'll say, I am in the horticultural services business. 

While I will no longer maintain a full-fledged nursery, I plan to continue working with former and new customers on an "advisory basis". 

the doctor is in:  i make house calls 

  • I'll do house calls to help solve a problem with something in your landscape or need advice on adding a new plant or maintaining existing ones.

    When customers visited our nursery we were careful to qualify what they were trying to do. If they were looking at a Camellia, we didn't just sell them a Camellia. We asked them first what the they were trying to achieve and what
    conditions they were planting under.  We'll continue that policy.

    We're not landscape designers or architects. We do have the right experience and knowledge though to select and
    install plants designated by a designer and to recommend plants and construct a plan for those who want to move
    forward but don't have a plan.

  • I'll help you locate plants that you want to purchase and, depending on size and quantity, may be able to help with pickup, delivery, and installation. 

Our customers often selected plants that just would not fit in the trunk of the Lexus. We were happy to deliver
purchases, for a modest charge, in the immediate neighborhood. Depending on what you are looking for and the
number of plants, we will help you get them to their new home.

  • I'll provide references to trustworthy individuals or plant sources that I rely on.
  • I'll always be available to visit, chat about my favorite conifers, Japanese maples, and other plant passions

where we are and how to contact us:

Our nursery is located in Duluth, Georgia on Rogers Bridge Road one-half mile between Peachtree Industrial and Buford Highway 

Owners         Harry (and Rona) Bethea

Hours:          By appointment only

We're happy to arrange to meet you any convenient time, just call

  • Telephone     770-497-9905
    Cell Phone     404-606-8941 
    Address         (former mailing address: 3769 Rogers Bridge Road, Duluth, GA 30097)
  • Email             hbeth@bellsouth.net